Midwife Salary UK

Midwife Salary

The Average Salary For A Midwife In The UK

When it comes to the salary of a Midwife, it can vary depending on experience, role and specialist skills. In general, when it comes to a Midwife Salary, the starting average salary for an NHS Midwife on band 5 is around £20,000 per annum. From this stage, the Midwife salary would usually rise to around £24,000 per annum after a minimum 12 months. This would be classed as Band 6!

From there, the salary of a midwife can increase even further to senior and specialist level which would be Band 7 and can demand a salary of up to £39,000 per annum.

Consultancy level takes the salary of a midwife much higher and at the top level of Band 8D, a consultant midwife can command a salary of up to £79,000 per annum.

Of course, these are average figures for a Midwife Salary and there are many reasons these could change and alter slightly including area of the country, role within the job and amount of experience as mentioned above.

Want To Become a Midwife?

Midwife SalaryWhen it comes to becoming a Midwife, aside from the actual Midwife Salary, the general duties of a Midwife include:

  • Monitoring & Providing Care to Women during Pregnancy
  • Providing Antenatal Care
  • Supervising & Assisting Labour
  • Providing Support, Advice Before & After the Pregnancy

These are only some of the most common general duties of a Midwife and there are in fact many aspects to the job itself. From monitoring and diagnosing possible complications and issues, to counselling and offering support throughout all stages of pregnancy and birth!

Before becoming a Midwife and entering into the different Bands when it comes to a Midwife Salary, you will first be required to undertake Midwifery Training to degree level. There are different entry requirement dependant on the area and training you are looking into, so be sure to check personally.

Midwife careers are very challenging and rewarding at the same time, and if you are looking into a career in Midwifery, there is certainly a demand for your services all over the UK.

As the Midwife Salary UK averages above show, once trained, a fully qualified Midwife can reap a reward financially through progression, while also receiving rewards actually doing the job too.